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ACL Tears

ACL tears are a common injury. But did you know there are ways to lower the risk of suffering this injury? 


Acute Injuries

Acute injuries typically occur from a sudden event and can range in severity. Learn more about different types of acute injuries and how to manage them.

Couple Running

Chronic Injuries

Chronic injuries are also known as overuse injuries. This type of injury may be avoided with appropriate training and periods of rest.



Concussions are a serious sports injury that can occur in any sport and at any age. Find out more about concussion symptoms, management and how to return to play safely. 

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Fractures occur often in contact sports but can also be a result of over training and repetitive movements. 

Image by Keith Johnston

Sport Specialization

Sport specialization occurs when an athlete focuses solely on one sport - often participating year round. Did you know this can lead to an increase in injuries and burnout? 

Ankle and Ligaments


Sprains are injuries to ligaments and can occur at any joint in the body. They range in severity from mild to severe.

Warm Up


A strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon. Some muscle strains can be avoided with a proper warm up and stretching routine.


Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow - aka lateral epicondylitis - is a condition affecting the muscles in the outside of the elbow. Tennis players commonly develop this injury - although it can occur in any athlete.

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