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Kitsap Youth Sports

Kitsap Youth Sports

Personalized Injury Education

What we offer

Our sports medicine team will create a customized educational session for your coaches, parents, athletes etc. 

Some common options include:

Handouts Only:

  • Focus can be on any topic you choose: i.e. ACL injury prevention, hydration, nutrition, concussions, avoiding over-use injuries, etc. 

  • Will gear information towards your team/sport. 

Education only:    

  • On the field or in a clinic/meeting place

  • Can be geared towards athletes, parents, coaches or all of the above

  • Focus can be on any topic you choose and geared towards your particular team/sport: i.e. ACL prevention, concussion recognition/management, hydration, nutrition, avoiding over-use injuries, etc. 

  • Will adapt to your whatever time frame you provide us

Active engagement session:    

  • On the field education with demonstrations (for injury prevention exercises or drills)

  • Can create sports/team specific injury prevention exercises, warm ups, cool downs or drills

  • Can watch your team go through the program and provide feedback and corrections

  • Will require more time than other options, but we will work within whatever time frame is provided

ImPACT Baseline Testing

We offer baseline testing using the ImPACT program.

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